Land Development

Have you ever wondered...
   If you could make your land work for you?
   If you can divide a parcel you own?
   How many times you can divide a parcel?
   What is your zoning?
   Are there restrictions for land division?
   How to discover the how's and why's of land development?

Options for developing land can vary from the platting process (which can take several months to complete) to dividing up a "forty" or a government lot, into 4 divisions if no new driveway is created or 2 divisions if a new driveway is created, and selling one per year. Platting is much more extensive, requiring following county planning and zoning measures. But platting also allows the owner to sell all the lots created without a time frame attached. All divisions of land must comply with county zoning which can range from 1/2 acre to 40 acres. Divisions must also comply with Health Department standards which can be more restrictive than county zoning standards.

There are restrictions on the number of parcels that can be sold in a 12-month period without using the platting process but there are also exceptions to those restrictions.

Bear Island Surveying has completed over 30 platting development projects. No surveying company in northern Minnesota brings more expertise and experience to the table. Let us draft a concept of what your land might look like if you were to divide it.

Our knowledge of the local real estate market combined with working knowledge of county and state regulations in all aspects of land development is of great benefit to our clients.

No other surveying office in the Arrowhead Region can offer this combination of surveying and real estate expertise as well as 80+ years of combined surveying experience.